Selling Your Practice

You have spent your career building a business you are proud of. Now perhaps it is time to consider a change. There are many reasons doctors sell their practices and we have experience helping Doctors through each of them.

You are ready to shed the headaches of management and just be a doctor: 
We have ample experience helping doctors shed the burden of HR, accounting, and business operations and just be doctors. If this is your situation we understand. Doctors who sell their practices and stay on to practice typically experience a dividend of free time and enhanced productivity in the clinic. Whether you have been running your practice a year or forty years, we have the experience and expertise to help you transition to your next career phase.  Whether you want to spend more time seeing patients or take more time off, we can structure a transition that will work to help you achieve your goals. 

You are ready to wind down and just want someone to transition the practice: 
We have helped over a dozen doctors wind down their career and alleviated them of the need to store charts, move out depreciated assets, or transition patients. With our broad team of doctors and numerous recruiting relationships we can find the right doctor to transition your patients, alleviate your continuity of care burdens and cash out your equity after a long successful career. 

You are a group practice without a succession plan:
We have worked with numerous groups to transition the burdens of management away from the medical professionals and to help all of the partners continue to thrive. We specialize in complex situations which need multi part transitions. Our management team can streamline this transition and put all your group members on their own individual path to success. 

Not ready to change yet, but want to explore options for the future:
We can work with you to value your practice create a transition plan and commitment for the future when you are ready. Why wait until the last minute to determine a transition. We can help you put that in place in advance and commit to carrying it out when you are ready so you can continue your practice with your mind at ease and your future plans secure.

Whatever your reason for a change we would be delighted to confidentially explore the possibilities with you. Feel free to reach out to Chief Operating Office Andrew Frankel or Vice President of Growth and Develpment Andrew Kay for a no commitment conversation to explore your future now.